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Ruby On Rails and a Conning Israeli entrepreneur

Trying out Akelos

Akelos became very intersting after a guy pulled it out of the sleeve in one of my many "Rails is better" duals with PHP/.Net developers.
I had no idea at the what he was talking about (shame on me..) so i decided (and promised that guy) to do some work on Akelos a little bit, and than go back and tell him that i still prefer Rails.

Well, a little bit about Akelos.
Akelos is an MVC PHP web development Framework which consists over favoring convention over configuration, sounds familier?
As far as a basic overview and right before starting my first Akelos application, i find it rather a PHP Rails replica, even with some basic convention naming (has_many? again?) but the basic syntax is still PHP and consists too much over direct SQL.

$Project->findFirstBy('language', 'PHP');

in ruby

This is a very simple example, i will try to find out how well it goes when trying to preforms something more complicated in Akelos.


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