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Skype Weblinks - Call a skype user or send an IM message in a html page

When the user has installed Skype, one can open Skype directly from a webpage. The protocol is skype:skypename - and some other optional flags.

The example will use my skype username, but i am sure you will be able to get the hang of it.

Call a skype user
The optional flag is call - to force Skype to call somebody. It can also be left out - but if the user changed the default behavior to e.g. chat - Skype will open an IM session instead. So - go the save way and use the call - flag.

Example: call a Skype user

<a href="skype:eladmeidar?call">Call</a>

Send an Skype IM message to a Skype user

The optional flag is chat. See the example below to see the usage in a html page.
Example: send a chat message to a Skype user

<a href="skype:eladmeidar?chat">Chat</a>

Send a voicemail to a Skype user
The optional flag is voicemail - as you might have guessed.
Example: send a voicemail to Skype user

<a href="skype:eladmeidar?voicemail">Voice mail</a>

Create a Skype conference call with multiple users
This is as easy as the examples above - just more usernames before the "?" and call as flag.
Example: create a Skype conference call

<a href="skype:eladmeidar;otherfriend123?call">call 2 friends</a>

Create a conference chat with multiple users
Same as conference call - with chat as flag.
Example: open a conference chat with multiple users - in html

<a href="skype:eladmeidar;otherfriend123?chat">Chat with 2 friends </a>

i am now working on a rails plugin to implement this automated use for Rails applications


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