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Rails Plugin: import_svn

This plugin imports a rails project into subversion (excluding tmp files, logs and more) and converts the current directory to a working copy of that project.

SvnImport goes a little bit further than just adding everything; it ignores resources such as logs, tmp files and database.yml and environment.rb.

For the database.yml and environment.rb files, SvnImport creates template files, and provides a task for copying them back after checkout. This allows each developer to have their own database settings and/or keep the password for the production database out of version control.


script/plugin install https://svn.cjohansen.no/rails/plugins/svn_import/trunk


rake svn:import

This task will only successfully run once - before the applicaton has been added to subversion. Once it's been added, the task will no longer do anything. When a new developer checks out the project, she can get the standard setup by doing:

rake svn:setup



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