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Ruby On Rails and a Conning Israeli entrepreneur

Moving to Mephisto (hopefully)

i have had it with this blogger account, you can say a lot of good things about this blog platform, but it is still a shared blog platform and it's not very professional to store you crown jewel on a blog platform which is written in Python :).
So i decided, i am moving to Mephisto. Mephisto is a Ruby on Rails blog platform and a self proclaimed "Best blog platform ever". well, i don't really know if that is true or not, but after checking it out locally i decided to use Mephisto for my permanent new blog.
The only problem i have right now, is how to transfer my Blogger posts/comments into my brand new Mephisto database. Mephisto is equipped with a "converstion" tools from Wordpress and Movable-type and as far as i know, nothing for blogger.
the blogger draft service (experimental blogger interface) enables you to download your entire post and comment history as XML so i might try to simply parse it into the DB (Or write a Converter).
Anyway, i'll be kinda busy doing it in the near future, so probably no posts in the near future.


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