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Ruby On Rails and a Conning Israeli entrepreneur

relative_time_helper plugin

most of us are using rails's built in time_ago_in_words, Rick Olsan wrote a much better plugin to extend that use and gives much better results.

  1. <%= relative_time(Time.now) %>  
  2. # today  
  3. <%= relative_time(1.day.ago) %>  
  4. # yesterday  
  5. <%= relative_time(1.day.from_now) %>  
  6. # tomorrow  
  7. <%= relative_time_span([Time.now, 5.days.from_now]) %>  
  8. # May 17th - 22nd  

To install it just snap it out of:

  1. script/plugin install http://ar-code.svn.engineyard.com/plugins/relative_time_helpers  


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