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i was trying the other day to create some sort of a newsletter. sadly it took me about 2 hours to generate and send 51000 emails (not spam :) ) so i tried to find a way to do it a little faster.
a friend of mine came across the idea of using threads so i tried to override the basics of ActionMailer in order to make the delivery method to user threads.
the change boosted me up to 18-20 mails per second, in other words, 1900% more efficient!
here is the code, just push it in your environment.rb (or lib, whatever), just don't use it for mean/nasty/microsoft needs :).

  1. ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = :thread_smtp  
  2.   module ActionMailer  
  3.     class Base  
  4.       def perform_delivery_thread_smtp(mail)  
  5.         thread = Thread.new do  
  6.           perform_delivery_smtp(mail)  
  7.         end  
  8.         thread.run   
  9.       end  
  10.   end  
  11. end  



December 18, 2007 at 10:55 PM

Nice. But you don't need Thread.run. Be careful that your program doesn't exit before the thread completes or it won't get to finish its work.

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